iPadOS 13.4 Beta 3 Glide-Google login Issue

While being on iPadOS 13.4 beta I noticed that I couldn’t login to Glide anymore. Glide would show the idle animation, but wouldn’t load the Dashboard. What I did then was deleting all glideapps.com site data in the Safari settings, which fixed the issue temporarily, as this behavior comes back with every new Safari session. Apple must have changed something in the way the Goggle authentication works within Safari, which breaks go.glideapps.com. Kind of a collateral damage if you will.

I don’t think that this is a single problem on my end. Not sure if you guys can do anything about it. At least it would be good to follow up with Apple on that topic. Hope this helps …

I had the same issue last night.


Is this consistent on your end? Every time the sessions times out, I have to do the same procedure to reset. My current workaround is using a different browser (iCap in my case) other than Safari. Strange enough, all other browsers on iOS are based on Apple’s web engine anyhow, which means that this specific issue is on a different level. Let’s hope that this is a beta glitch that will be resolved with the RC later.

With the latest beta, Apple fixed the issue in Safari. Hope it stays that way.