Keyboard disappeared

Dear all,

I’ve discovered a strange bug but I’m not sure it’s glide related. On my app, I’ve download a glide app, and when I’m trying to enter my credentials on the google login form, the keyboard does simply not appear.

Any idea ?

I’m having this happen weirdly on my phone too for Glide apps. I’m on iOS 15.1.

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Do you guys have any videos?

I record one the next time it happens!

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I’m on 15.0.2, seems really weird. Apparently it’s just on the google sign-in from my experience.

I’ve had the keyboard vanish in this community app a couple of times (just not in the last two hours), and it my Admin app.

This is the bug. Video


Yes exactly, thanks @Antonino_Nolasco , on my iPad I’m not even seeing a bar , nothing appears.

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I’ve had the keyboard vanish in a native form. Refreshing the app seems to fix it temporarily.
iOS 15.1

Had this twice today where keyboard just disappeared, so it’s still an issue.

Couldn’t capture on video though :disappointed:

iOS 15.1.1


Hey guys,

I cannot reproduce this. Could any of you share an app where this is happening?

Also, Model and iOS version of the phone?

@Rosewebstudio what model is you phone?


This issue is sporadic


It appears to happen on any app, not just specific ones.

For instance just been into Roberts new app…

Tried to type and no keyboard appears :arrow_down: You can see in the screen shot the top keyboard bar appears, but the keyboard below is empty.

If I force shut the app and reopen the keyboard appears

I’ll test it again.

I just had the keyboard disappear while trying to use the search bar on a top layer list. I’ll try to record next time.

iPhone 13 Pro Max
iOS 15.1

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Keyboard disappeared on me 4-5 times last few days.

…and the very top of my screen is white when it should be dark mode throughout :pensive:

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It looks like it has been resolved on my side. Quite weird…

The last screenshots of keyboard disappearing is from ~10 min ago.

Both keyboard disappearing and white bar at top started happening around the time I upgraded to iOS 15.1

(For sure the issue with white bar at top started happening with iOS 15 because it still looks right on another iPhone that I haven’t updated yet)

More keyboards disappearing…

I am getting complaints from users as they are slowly updating to iOS 15

@SantiagoPerez anyway to escalate this?

Hola @Eric_Penn

Could you send me a link to this app you are having this issue? Also, does this happen on browser or installed app?