Login for @domain.com

Hello there!

I’d like to configure the login logic for my app as follows:

  • anyone in with an email address in my domain can log in and view the app content
  • anyone else cannot log in

Is there a canonical way to achieve this?

(Keywords: authorization, authentication, domain)

I’m 99% sure you can have domain.com in the email column of your user profiles table, and you’ll whitelist the whole domain… @Ian can confirm this.

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Yeah, the last time I tested that it worked as you describe.
Obviously needs to be a private app.

This doesn’t work for me, but where I’m stuck may be something unrelated:

I don’t think I have the User Profile set up correctly. I am not trying to do anything special, just get something default working. The prompt suggests “Please assign a user image column,” but the dropdown is grayed out. The User Profile shows a Lock icon in the left nav, which may be relevant - I don’t know the intended meaning there. Maybe that’s normal?

Do you have an “Image” type column in your Users table?

Yes, I’ve tried with a few column types.

Airtable has an ‘attachments’ column type which it uses for images. (In other contexts, Glide correctly recognizes this as containing images.) So maybe that is related to the issue. I’ve tried that, and URL type, and lastly defining the column as image from the Glide UI (but it’s still an Airtable column).

Hi @adam1,

Could you submit a support ticket so we can take a closer look?

Please, add a support link and a video of the issue.


Did you also try ‘@domain.com’ as opposed to just ‘domain.com’?

Done this, thanks!


Update: this worked after disabling “Allow image update.”

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That’s weird. Not sure how that relates to a whitelist set up.

I agree, it was quite counterintuitive. I hadn’t thought they were connected.

My theory, although I haven’t tested this: perhaps the ‘allow image update’ filtered for writable image columns. My Airtable API key grants read-only access at this time, so no columns satisfied the filter.

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