Security - by domain

I thought I had set up security by domain but it didn’t seem to work. I shared a link with some uses, but they reported they did not receive a pin and could not access the application.

Can someone please confirm:

(1) I select private for the user sign-in Settings, and

(2) what entry should I use for the domain field? for example, if my company uses email addresses then do I simply specify into the domain field?

(3) I assume I do not then need to add any email addresses for potential future users (that work at into the users table?

For info after trying this, and it not working, I reverted back to manually adding names into the users table, and this worked OK. However, I would be really happy to use the domain approach.

Can you try instead of just

Yes I will try that. Thank you.

Ok it turns out you just need Not - my colleagues had missed the PIN. But it works now.

I do think such an example should be inserted into the Glide documentation :slight_smile:

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@Darren_Murphy I think we can consider adding an example for this in the docs.


Yes, agreed. Will follow up.

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