Log in + add rows issues

Hello there,
I have two very strange problems :

  • I finished my app and wanted to deliver it to my client but when he tried to connect with email, the message “unauthorized email adress” appears although I added him to the users table (and made sure that authentication method was the right one)
  • We bypassed this problem by sending him an invitation directly from the setting menu, but one he was connected, he couldn’t add rows : when he did so, everyhing goes well but nothing appears on the database

Do you have some ideas for these 2 strange problems ? He will be an admin on the app so he has the same authorizations as me.
Thanks in advance

Which Plan do you have?

I could make some guesses, but it would be better if you could provide some more information about this. Especially some screen shots from the Glide Builder that show how rows are added, and which table they are added to.

I’m on a Free plan (I planned to go on the Maker plan) but I just saw that only personnal users are able to log in in these 2 plans. I think the whole problem comes from that (my client has a professional email).

Yes, that’s where I was headed with my question :slight_smile:

Okay I see, but I find it so expensive … If I set him as a team member, could he be able to log in the app ?

Yes, but then he would also have access through the Glide Builder to all Apps in your team. Which may or may not be a problem…

Yes and in any case this is not a solution as I thought of doing this for each user but there will something like 30 users or more

But wow this is so expensive …

For 30+ users, you’ll need one of the paid plans.

Notice that Team+ plans – team, business and entreprise – are suited to internal B2B applications. These plans give you an unlimited number of applications for a limited number of users (20 and 40 are included in the Team and Business plans respectively). These plans are perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. Depending on the plan, you can use scalable data sources and a few different features (notably Glide’s basic and advanced API).

The Maker plan is suited to public facing applications for a school, a community, a startup prototype or minimal viable product, or a hobby project. The pricing on this plan is per application though it includes an unlimited number of users. Important limitation: if login is needed then the users of the application are restricted to personal email addresses.

Team+ are not really an upgrade from Maker, the use cases are simply very different:

  • Team+ plans: business applications, number of users is stable, number of apps is important or grows
  • Maker plan: community applications, number of apps is stable, number of users is important or grows

Thank you for this precise reply. I will thus contact the sales team and see what I can get to meet my client financial capacities

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