Lock components & hide columns & hide tables

Lock Components
I find myself accidentally deleting components, and then spend time trying to find why the app isn’t working.

Its easy to accidentally delete components because once you press the x the lower components jumps up in its place and its easy to click the x twice especially when there is a browser glitch or delay.

some Components have duplicate labels which are insufficient to identify what is going on in the editor.

Its very time consuming having to scroll, scroll, scroll to the end of the glide table. We should be able to “Jump” to the table we want to edit, and the same goes for the columns. We should be able to hide columns that we don’t need to see at the moment. [currently its good that you can jump from the table you are currently viewing in the editor screen to its own table, but you can’t jump while in the table view to another table, you have endless scrolling to get to another table]

Hide Tables
There is too much going on in the data editor / glide editor and component editor
the apps get complex and too big to fit in windows. The larger the app gets the more time gets wasted in scrolling, scrolling scrolling, swiping swiping swiping swiping back back back back.

what would Google sheets be like if you couldn’t hide anything on the creator side. Well this is what glide is. Glide currently has no ability to hide or protect anything on the developer side.

Hiding and locking is essential to the limited screen real estate and will improve developer productivity and accuracy.

Have you tried the Undo option to bring back a component you accidentally deleted?

Have you tried the new search feature to find columns in the data editor?

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many times if I notice it,

undo only makes sense if the undo is one step. but what if I accidently delete a component then spend the next 30 minutes building the app, should i also undo the 30 minutes of work in order to salvage the lost component. but some components have visibility settings that does not make it obvious you have deleted them until later when you are too far.

think of it like the same reason you can lock :lock: your email, photos, text message and anything that you don’t want to accidentally delete.

As Glide becomes more complex it takes more time to configure components that time invested needs protection from human error undo is something different.

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finding columns is not the issue as the columns are not lost. when you organize your sheet, hiding columns give you the options to compare columns side by side without disturbing the order of things, so you can better create your formulas or functions. Come on you use sheets have never hid a column lol

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I agree, and I think the next level to this is to be able to hide groups of columns. Once you get into hundreds of columns the time that you burn scrolling / searching / moving columns gets incredibly onerous.


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+1 for hiding columns in the Data Editor.

Not a perfect solution but have you tried column grouping in the GDE? If you add a prefix to your headers followed by a forward slash ‘/‘ it will put those columns into groups.

math/total sales
math/total profit

Now you have the ability to collapse that grouping which essentially hides it from view in the GDE.

Another common grouping scheme is to group by feature.


Feature1/ ColA
Feature1/ ColB

Ive noticed that even after grouping columns and collapsing them, it expands again. Not sure if its after some time or after you exit the data editor or after you exit the app in Glide itself. Wish it would just stay collapsed.

Yeah, it happens if you switch from the Data Editor to the Layout view and then back to the Data Editor again.

And I agree, it’s annoying.