Reducing column stress in the data editor

The new data editor changes are amazing! Makes life with a lot of columns a lot easier.
But still working with too many columns remains too too stressful when things get messy.

Is Glide planning to roll out some extra features that help us look at the data editor, the columns in a cleaner way? Maybe allow us to zoom out see the bigger view or more columns in 1 screen? allow us to quickly resize the column to match the column title size. Maybe overlay columns or color them according to their group (/) or functionality. Highlight non-used columns etc. etc.

I like to put all my visibility conditions / filters as columns. That way i only change the rules in the column and don’t have to manually add/remove/edit filters or visibility conditions in the configuration panel per component. Any advice on this practice?


I don’t know it for a fact, but I fully expect that we’ll continue to see improvements in the builder and data editor over time.

I like this practice, and I use it myself. I just find it much easier to manage, especially when you have many components using the same (complex) visibility conditions. It’s much easier (and way less error prone) to make a change to a single if-then-else column in the data editor, than it is to make the same change to 20 separate screen components.

Same applies to filtering. I’ve found that with a little creativity in the data editor, you can come up with quite complex dynamic filtering on inline lists without applying any direct filtering to the lists themselves.


I join your request.
In particular I would suggest to Glide to create a kind of Bracket that may help to Open/Close the columns of the same group. In this way we may reduce the visualization to the minimum indispensable.


in the past, when you search for a column in the editor. Once the columns are filtered, if you select that column and exit/close the search … that column remains the selected one. Now the column is lost and Glide defaults to another column.

That used to be very helpful, any chance we can get that back?

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