Loading Screen Between Form And Results

I am syncing between Google Sheets and Glide, but the delay is creating an annoying issue. The data from the Glide App (custom form) is sent to Google Sheets where it is converted, calculated, and sent to a new results worksheet then the information is sent back to Glide.

If it is the user’s first form submission, the app screen takes about 10-15 seconds to load the data. If it is the user’s second (or more) submission, it shows old data and then adds the updated form information after about 10-15 seconds. After doing some research online, I saw that more complex calculations from Google Sheets can slow down the process, however, it is not necessarily the loading time that is annoying.

*** Feature to be requested: I would love to see a loading screen that appears when the form has been submitted before showing the results (new screen).

If not, are there any other workarounds?

If user experience is your priority, it’s best to stay away from Google Sheet formulas (they’re laggy as you’ve seen first hand).

Thank you, Robert! I wish I would’ve just started in the tables. This solved all the issues I was having after switching it all over. Your videos have been incredibly helpful throughout this process!

Thanks for the kind words! Let me know if there’s anything else you need.