List of users who have favorited an item

How do you generate a list of users who have favorited a specific item?

I have a list of “chat channels” which users can favorite. I call that “Follow”

I’d like to display a list of users (photo/name) who are “following”/have favorited that channel.

It would look similar to what @Robert_Petitto has done with his Group Chat template but I can’t figure it out.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Unfortunately, you can’t use the native “favorite” button for this use case as it’s user specific (only the signed in user can see the list of favorites). Instead, you’d need to create a favorite button of sorts and use the trebuchet method to gather a list of emails per “chat channel”.

If I have time later, I’ll create a video, but until then check out @Lucas_Pires’s tutorial:

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Thank you Robert, I watched the video and will try to reproduce it.

If you do have time to create a video it would be most appreciated (and I think helpful to the community here too).

Here you go:


@Robert_Petitto Such a great video. What visual component did you use to get the icons to stack like this?


This is gold! Thank you @Robert_Petitto. I had come up with the “Follow Log” approach but this is much better.

Is this mostly one-way? I.e. you can “follow/subscribe” but not “unfollow/unsubscribe”?


Thank you!

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Great as usual! Thanks.

Exaclty. Basically a variation of this CSS I came up with.

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The video shows one way, yes. There is a way to undo, but it’s a bit tricky. Here’s how:


Thank you @Robert_Petitto.

If I understood well, the Trebuchet is probably also the best workaround for Multi-Selection in a Choice component?

If I am correct, given the frequent requests about this (key) feature, and the multiple answers which are not always the same, hopefully Glide team will make 1 tutorial of reference …


Exactly. All of my “multiselects” using an inline list uses the trebuchet method.

Thank you. Does it works (more or less) that way?

(In Database)
1- ‘Trebuchet columns’ (text field, temporary USC, template, if for the comma etc)
2- ‘Choice items’ list

(In Screen)
3- Inline list with ‘Choices items’ as Source
4- ‘Trebuchet’ Action on the inline (write in the temporary USC etc).

Then whatever the action resulting from the multi-select, it is related to the entry field (ex. filter > is included in “text field”)