Show (each users) favorite content in each users profile?

Hi there im trying to make a profile search tab, where the content shown in each users profile, is the content that each user has placed in his favorites.
So i have made the tab and connected a list with users profiles and also when clicking on a profile the specific profiles info opens up, but now i placed a list where i want to showcase the profiles favorite content and i cant make it happen. Currently the content shown is the favorites of the logged in user.
Do you have any idea how i can make it work?
Thank you in advance!

Also it would be best if there was the possibility that the current user, can go on and put in his favorite list, content from the other profiles.

If you store the favorites data inside a user-specific column then it will only show the favorites of the logged-in user. Nobody else will get access to that data.

Have a look at this thread to see if you can integrate it to your app. It’s not easy, but it’s a way to achieve what you want to do here.

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I will check it out and try to understand it.

By the way, Do you know if its possible to make a favorite item counter for each item so i can implement it as like counter meaning that how many users have put the item in favorite?
Thank you in advance.

An idea is to implement an additional action to the Trebuchet flow. If a user adds an item to their favorites you increment 1 to a number column, if they remove you increment by -1.

yeah i understand after watching the videos you suggested!
Iwill try to implement the trebuchet method and i hope i make it work.
Thanks again for the help!

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