How to have the favorites appear on individual user's profile

Hello from France,

I did an art gallery app based on the location of the user.
First in each gallery’s page (Galerie) there is a Favorite button
I wanted the user to be able to add to his/her favorites to his/her user profile page (called Mon profile) and in the end just see a list of his/her favorite
I tried to see how to build a relation between the “Galerie” and the “Mon profile” individual user’s page, but I don’t see the common data to put in relation
Can you help ?
Here is the app :

Thanks and bravo for everything


Are you trying to make the favorites visible to all users, so if I would go to a user profile, I would see all of their favorites, or are you trying to make it so only the signed in user can see their own favorites when viewing their own profile? If you are trying to make the favorites for one user visible to all users, then that is not possible. You would have to use a form button and have the user submit their favorites to a new sheet. Then you can set up a relation column to join the profile to the form response sheet. I have something similar set up here:

Preferrably I would like the favorites visible only to the individual user. The app is designed so each signed in user only sees his own profile.

From all the videos available and Glide Together #2 I see I should have a tab on top of the Galleries Tab with all the list that says ALL/FAVORITES (which I imagine would be signed in users related) but for some reason I cannot see it

Ok. Favorites don’t really work with inline lists. The gallery tab would have to use one of the list layouts for you to see favorites. This may change in the future, but I’m not sure if or when.

OK and in this case what about having on my main page (the one with the map of the galleries) under the search button this ALL/FAVORITES button I saw on the videos. On my app I only see the search but no way to see the favorites when logged as a signed in user

Yeah, works for the map style view as well. I don’t see a favorites component in the details. Once you add the favorites component, the tab to show favorites will be shown above the map.

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Did you find a solution to “have the favorites appear on individual user’s profile” ? If you did not, I have a suggestion. This solution worked for my app which has a private profile section along with private lists of favorites pulled from public lists.

Following is a summary of what you will need to implement it.

1- Create a User Profile linked to a User Profile table as per the documentation

2-Apply Row Ownership to the User Profile table

3-Allow the signed in user to complete the profile via a button as per @Jeff_Hager explanation here

4-Create a new tab linked to the User Profile table from step #1.

5- If step 1-4 are all working, at this point you should only see the the signed in user’s profile item (row) in the newly created tab. Here, use the detail view.

6-Once in detail view use an inline list component with its data (values) source being a list in which the favorites component was applied. On this newly added inline list component go to Features/Filter and apply a filter on the favorites like this: Is Favorited? → True. Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 1.25.46 AM

Now you should have a private profile , with a list of only favourites. You can have multiple categories of only favorites in this profile by using this method.

If you have questions let me know.

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@Gliderrr thank you for the tip. I will try and tell you if this works as I haven’t found a solution yet

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Hi! I don’t know if this app might be helpful, but it’s a free template on Glide. Role Models

Good luck!

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