Add to List Functionality

Hi Community,

I am trying to build out an ‘Add to Watchlist’ type functionality on my Glide app but have struggled to find a good way to do it. The way this would work in practice is a user would scroll through a set of images and just add images individually to their ‘Watchlist.’ I’ve tried experimenting with the ‘Favorite’ option but it doesn’t quite do what I am looking for. I would like items that are added to a ‘Watchlist’ to be accessible on a separate tab tied to the logged in user.

You can make an inline list in the User’s Profile tab (assuming you have one), filter the images sheet by IsFavorited = True.

I have a User’s profile I also have a profile built that shows up when I click the people tab. I can’t figure out how to make that page double as the User profile. They both point to the same sheet. Can you have the profile reachable by other people? ie. can others see who you follow, etc. or does it have to be that profile tab only and only viewable by you?

You can have a Profile tab and filter that by email is signed in user, and a Community tab that displays everyone.

Gotcha, makes sense. I use that filter for allowing them to edit it, didn’t think of that. Will it still be different than the one that displays in the hamburger menu? Can they be one in the same?