How to stop profile tab from linking to a specific user?

Hi all,

I’m making an app that intends to have public profiles of users where all users can see what is on others’ profiles.

My issue is that the “My Profile” tab is linked to one specific user (in this case, “Marie Rao”) for some reason and I can’t seem to figure out why or how to change it. In this case, Tamsin is the person we’re viewing as in the screenshot) but because the “Row ID” is still associated with the other person, in this case, Marie, the “My Profile” is still showing as Marie instead of Tamin. I’ve noticed I can manually update all of the components to have them show as the right person, but then that user (Tamsin) still can’t edit their profile when they’re viewing their own profile.

Might anyone be able to help?

Thank you in advance!


Have you applied any filters to the tab screen?

Your best bet, rather than try to force the profile screen to be something else, is to create a new menu option “maintain users”, or “review users” and set up a list or a detail screen with an inline list to show all users and allow them to be viewed (and optionally modified).

I did that in one app, with the caveat that the menu option is only available to Admins. But you can make it available to all users as you wish.


Thanks @Jeff_Hager and @David_Gabler

@Jeff_Hager, no filters, but yes editing priveleges (if that counts as a filter?). I don’t want everyone to be editing everyone’s profile, only the person who’s signed in and viewing their own personal profile. I’m not confident I did it right, but this is how it is set right now:

@David_Gabler I don’t understand what you’re recommending. To clarify, everyone should see everyone’s profiles (it’s not just for admin maintenance). Also, the “User Profile” (forced by Glide) and the “My Profile” tab are two separate tabs already.

That’s the condition for the the ability to edit, but what does your filter for the screen look like?

You need to add a filter so that screen connects to the correct row in you user table. You can filter where Email is Signed In User.


Since that tab is meant to show the signed in user’s profile only, then you shouldn’t need any conditions for the edit. The screen filter will be enough as a user only see their own profile in that tab.

Thanks so much! I went with Row ID instead of email, but it looks like that’s what it was.

I really appreciate it, and thanks also for the insanely fast response time.

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