How to show only "Favorites" profile

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If I’m writing to you today, it’s because I have a question. Do you know if it’s possible to add some user’s profile in “favorite” and then show them in a list. Of course, this list will be different for each user. In fact I dont want to show all users just the “favorites” because I don’t want users to have access to all other users.

Tank’s for your anwer

Given you don’t want to show all other users, how would a user be able to see other profiles and “favorite” them?

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Could you describe more precisely what the user sees and does onscreen?

  • User navigates to ___ tab/screen.
  • User sees ___ .
  • User does ___ .
  • ___ happens.
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Tanks for your answer,
So, user path :
User navigates to the other user’s profile screen with a link
User sees the profile.
User click on the “favorit button” (floating button)
And then (here is my problem) I would like the profile to be saved in a contact list, which would be different for each user. And then display only this contact list.
I hope I’ve been clear, sorry for my English.

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If you’re using Apps, there’s a native “favorite” component you can add to each screen, which will mark a “isFavorited?” column as true or false. You can then use that column to filter the “contact list” - isFavorited? is true.

Pages, at the moment, doesn’t have that component, but you can replace it with a button to “Favorite” - set a user-specific column to true, and an “Unfavorite” button to do the reverse. Same filter logic applies.

I’m still curious about this part though.

How does a user get that “link”?

Yes i have tried with the “Favorite” component but there is also the “all” part with all the user, I would like to delate this part. I just want to keep the “favorite” part. There is an app call ( which do exactly what I want. But I don’t uderstand how it’s work . On the app, when I go to a profile, I can add it with the floating button and then the profile is in “My dygi contact”. Maybe you know how to do it ?

That app was created by @Robert_Petitto. He might be able to answer any questions you have about it.

Yes, I got in touch with him, but I haven’t heard from him in a while. I don’t think it’s complicated but I’m new on Glide and I don’t know how to do it. Maybe you have the answer ?

Hi, Arnaudebroas!
As I understand: you go throw deep link to some user profile. After you have login, you still stay in this profile and by pressing allow button you can add its user id to your profile “access column”( text coma separated) and then filter by it or by don’t allow column.
May be

You don’t need to have it on the “tab level”. You can add a “favorite” component (with the heart) inside each user’s profile. On the tab level, hide the “favorite bar”. Look for this on the bottom left.