Link two checkboxes from different sheets

Hello everyone! How do I link two checkboxes in different sheets? Suppose I have a sheet “users” they have two roles, this is “admin” and “seller”, and there is a sheet “privacy policy” with a checkbox and a button for sending. For the user to receive the status of “seller”, he must confirm the “privacy policy” and submit the form. And now I need to connect the click of the checkbox in the POLICY and the checkbox in the sheet the users are “seller”, but I can not figure out how to do this!)

You can make a checkbox be required so when they submit the form on the privacy policy, I would set the required flag so they can’t submit unless the checkbox is set. Also include the user email special value and write that to the privacy policy sheet. Then simply create a relation from the users sheet to the policy sheet using email. Create an if/then column and return ‘true’ if the relation is not empty, else return ‘false’, or you could set the value to Seller or blank. Anything you want really.

I tried to link two checkboxes from different sheets, but I did not succeed. That is, if the user marks the checkbox in the policy, in the user sheet he still remains unchecked.

I highlighted what you can do. You could also just use a lookup against the relation to return the checkbox column from the policy sheet, which would be better than the if/then column I recommended.
Why and how are you trying to link 2 checkboxes. How will you be using the value in the user’s sheet?

By default, a user without a role, as soon as he wants to become a seller or a buyer, he needs to confirm the policy of our application by ticking! To do this, we have a sheet with users and a sheet with a policy and a checkbox, this is how a person decided to become a seller, he clicks the button “become a seller” in his personal account and redirects him to a page with a policy and a checkbox. So I need him to put this checkbox in politics and become the seller in the user sheet with the role.

So what wouldn’t work with the options I presented?

I set a special value for mail, but for some reason it is not written to the cell! And I tried in the user sheet to make a template with the seller field, then communication through this template with the checkbox from the policy sheet, nothing came of it. I’ll try as you advise. Thanks

The email special value should write an email to the sheet if you are signed into the app. Is your app set to Public, or Public with Email? Are you testing with the builder or are you using the published app url? if you have any screenshots of your form settings and any relations/lookups from the user sheet to the policy sheet that might help.

I have a custom domain! I test both in the application on the computer and immediately on the phone!
Public with Email!!!

OK. Just wanted to double check. It should work as long as everything is set up correctly.

I’ll try again tomorrow to do as you advised, if it doesn’t work, then tomorrow I will send a screen of tables here. Thank you!


I tried different methods, nothing normal happened. I understand that I’m doing something wrong, but I don’t understand what! _)))
the value is not transmitted from the checkbox from one sheet to chekbox another sheet.

Again, if you have any screenshots, that would help a lot. I can’t determine from your comments if you are trying to do something that isn’t possible or if you have the wrong settings. I don’t really understand what you mean by linking two checkboxes together. You don’t link checkboxes together. You use relations and lookups to get values from other sheets. Based on what you initially described in your first post, this should be a very basic setup if done correctly, but it helps me if I can see what you are doing.

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Ok. I will sand you screen

I think your are throwing in some unnecessary steps.

  • First of all, I would remove the Seller Column completely from your User’s sheet.
  • Next figure out why the signed in user’s email isn’t writing to the Become a Seller sheet when submitting your form. This should work when when a user is signed in and you use the email special value component in the form.
  • Create a single relation column in your user’s sheet that links the email in the Users sheet to the email in the Become a Seller sheet.
  • Create a Lookup column in the User’s sheet that users the relation to get the checkbox column value from the Become a Seller sheet. That is your checkbox. You aren’t linking two checkboxes. You are simply getting the value from the other sheet with s relation/lookup combo.

That should be all you need to do.

Thanks for the answer. You see, when a user clicks the “become a seller” button, he does not drag him to the form, but to the finished page with the already written policy text and there he clicks the checkbox and the submit button. I do not understand why I am not writing down the email address.

You are using this component within a form button?

Of course

Another problem is that when one person checked the checkbox, it remains checked if another user logged in with a different nickname!!!