Refer to 2 pieces of info in one cell

Hi. I have a sheet that collects data from a google form.
One row can get more than one answer (checkboxes) so that row’s cells contain more than one piece of information.
Is there a way to make a relation that would pull that data?

It is a list of lessons and some of them fit more than one grade level.
As for now I made a relation but it works only for lessons that fit a specific grade.


See if this helps.

I’m afraid it didn’t help, because my form is dynamic and people keep submitting lessons.
Splitting the data into the second sheet would’t be automatic…

Well, I was wrong.
I see now that the function you mentioned does work automatically when new data arrives. Great.
But I didn’t figure out how to end it all well.
I try to add an inline list but I don’t see data from the new rows. When configuring the list I see only one relationshup row and the other options are sheets. The relationship rows that I’ve set are not visible.

While in your app I see all the relationship rows:

Make sure you are setting the Multiple checkbox on the relation.

I did.
Apparently I mixed the other sheets (I’ve 4 of them. data. your function. teachers and age groups) and now it seems to be solved!
Thank you very much.

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