Link to current screen: Diferences between Share Link and Copy to Clipboard

Hey guys, I am trying to learn how to create Glide Apps and I have a question using Link to current screen. When I use the action Share Link linked with Link to current screen the URL is from current screen, but when I use Copy to Clipboard linked whit Link to current screen, the URL is another link type without link to current screen.

Someone could help me?

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I don’t know about this :neutral_face: but I found this one on Glide Docs :innocent:

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Can you post what you see when you use the Share Link action?

When I use Share Link, I see:

When I use Copy to Clipboard, I see:

So, I believe that the result of Copy to Clipboard should be the same of Share Link.

The Share Link action gets the correct link. For “Copy to Clipboard”, did you test that using the builder or the real app?