Copy to Clipboard not Working with Open Link on Action

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Describe the bug:
During an Action to Copy to Clipboard + Open Link, the data is not copied to the clipboard

Expected Behaviour:
Copy data to clipboard should successfully occur so we can paste the data where we need it.

How to replicate:
Create an action with copy & open link. Trigger this action. (I used a manual button to trigger the action)


Please submit a ticket here.

@Avery_Rawlek Did you find any solution to this?

Having the similar issue with Share Link action on iOS, but works fine on Chrome device

My App/Pages support link:

Describe the bug:
Button with Share Link action works on Chromebase, not on two iOS devices

Expected behavior:
Share Link action should open popup allowing copy of link, or copy link directly.

How to replicate:
As far as I’m able to test, just click the button on an iOS device. I first cleared cache, disabled extensions, and opened an Incognito window.

Link to demo recording:
Share Link on Chromebase
Share Link on Mac

Having the same issue. Please fix it :slight_smile:

Have the same issue…