Link multiple worksheets with one submit

Guys, A quick question.

Say I have two worksheets as in examples, one for emplyee and one for locations.

I think relation only works if i have a match across multiple work sheets. For example {for every employee with a location in employee worksheet, match with location in location worksheet, and thus populate a relation coloumn in either of the worksheets}.

What i was specifically looking is when a new employee with a new location is added and this is linked to employee worksheet, how do you populate location worksheet with this new location in a dynamic fashion, through inbuilt glide feature and not copy pasting formulas within spread sheets.

In a nut shell how do i populate multiple spreadsheets with a some action, say when you add new user using email as primary key - how do i add this record into billing page aswell to calculate users billing in a new tab where i can write billing related logic.

It might be naive and i might sound really silly. Will appreciate thoughts on this.


Use a combination of unique - filter formula in the location worksheet to return all non-blank unique cells in the “location” worksheet is the way I would go.