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It’s nice that when you insert eg. an Instagram link the link icon changes to an Instagram icon but it would be nice if you could set the icon manually (through a cell or in settings).

I’m working on an app where a Messenger link is embedded but this shows the link-icon. It would be nice to change it to a messenger-icon.

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I’ll second this request. I was just trying to figure out if it was possible to set an icon for a link (like one does for a tab).

Adding a way to select and icon for each link component would be a big win for detail screens that have a bunch of links that now display generic icons.

It would be nice to have it automatically, but you can always have an image that links to your destination URL, does that make sense in your case?

Not really. I just want to replace the existing link icon so that it matches along with the others… here’s an example from my app:

Yeah I see your use case, but if you ever want to have an alternative layout then you can read this post. I think it provides a good look.

What I’d really love is to grab the featured image of a website Just from the URL. Similar to how Twitter, buffer (or even Glide apps!) works.


@ThinhDinh @billyberg before you change to a layout with the action “open link” then you should know it has a defect which hasn’t been addressed yet

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Hi Robert.
Any news on that topic? I’m really interested in finding a solution for that.

It to my knowledge, no. sorry!

Just thinking it wouldn’t be too hard for the Glide team to enable the icon picker from the Tabs screen to customise the icons used in the components.

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