Can you include and place icons on a details screen... that do something?

Hi - I am trying to make my app more streamlined and less busy. I can do some functionality using classic Glide, such as a choice option to ‘pin’ a post. (I tried the Fav icon but it did not seem to work consistently for me).

I also have buttons for ‘flag as inappropriate’ - which takes up then a lot of space and distracts the user’s focus from the screen.
And I would like a help icon … but only if I can get it to point to the right screens.

My question is whether it is possible to:

  • nicely control where small buttons go… and have them link to things (usually within the app)
  • or click and have the app update in some way (like a Fav icon)

Thanks! M

Would an inline list with custom actions pointing back to the row you’re viewing work? What kind of action you’re looking to do?

Let’s see:

:triangular_flag_on_post: = flag as inappropriate - ideally open a form, collect column data on existing row, then submit
:pushpin: = pin content - set choice column (and then think about how to unpin…)
:information_source: = help - would ideally be context sensitive so each icon would link to an appropriate page (eg you are swiping a ‘Project’ card and the help explains exactly how this card functions)

Those are the ones I’m thinking of right now :slight_smile: I should not overwhelm the user!

You can create tile inline list with icons images, than custom actions for each tile

Excellent - I understand you both, @Uzo and @ThinhDinh :slight_smile:
This works just the way I wanted it (I will expand the logic after some sleep).

I keep forgetting that these Compound Actions can process the inline list (and more) in all kinds of clever cunning ways. Problem sorted! (this one anyay).


And… emojiis are now big!! before they used to be tiny when used in as an ‘image’. Excellent!

I would use tiles instead of cards. And have them 3 in one row. With square ratios

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@Mark_Turrell size your icons like 3:1 (width:height) to get inline list with small height. Use inline list with tiles and 3 tiles on a row

Take a look here


Very nice - perfect sizing for my needs.

Question: why is the background automatically grey? I just pasted in the emojis into GSheets and yet the image seems to default as ‘transparent to grey’. Weird! Any ideas? (and thanks again for the solution!)

Screenshot 2021-03-06 at 10.58.34

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Method that works well for the moment :+1: :+1:
Exemple :

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Wow - that is some seriously good organizing too. Thanks for sharing! Giving me lots of ideas now :slight_smile:

PS: I think your video script seems production heavy because it should be set up for each “icon” …

Personally, I use a method of incrementing ID Menu 1 and if under menu ID Menu 2 and etc which opens Simple Apps or Compound Apps, then handled by row IDs injected into Menu :point_up::joystick:1, 2, 3 and etc …

Thanks to :clap::clap::+1: @ Lucas_Pires for the idea :slight_smile:

📚 E-book flow with Swipe style - #22 by Lucas_Pires


PS²: Special dedication Glide & Emoji (with :lock:RowID) :heart_eyes: !!!

BONUS : :bulb: Organizing Tools…
WIP >>

Exemple :

:face_with_monocle: #app-showcase, BehindTheScene:

:key:Keys (≃ :file_cabinet: + VLookup&:lock:ID)

:card_file_box:Apps (≃ :file_cabinet: + :key: +@)


I normally create an image and not an emoji. The image would have the dimensions 3:1.
You could just paste your emoji on a white background image and save it

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Make your emoji transparent PNG format and check element settings, maybe you have a text overlay on the tiles

It’s weird - if I present the icon as an Image by itself it has a white background
But if I include the same image (pasted in emoji) in an inline list it has a grey background.

What am I missing? Or should I go the png image route in any case? Thanks!

I think yes that is exact

A Sunday fisherman’s solution :slight_smile: :
Capture d’écran 2021-03-06 à 12.34.20
A correct column composed by columns composed of the kind when the png solution is developed it works otherwise it will switch to emoji while waiting for dev. for example ;
Example in video by Mentor (:gift_heart:) >

And as said below :arrow_double_down:

I think it’s the default Glide settings. You’re not having an image in your case, then Glide automatically sets a grey background. I usually use a Cloudinary template with a base64 image URL to generate small icons.


Here’s a sample.

image[yourusername]/image/fetch/l_fetch:[your base 64 image URL],w_150,h_150/

Convert your image link to base 64 here: I usually upload them to Imgur first.


If you upload the images to overlay eachother then you don’t have to base64 the image[yourusernae]/image/upload/l_[folder where overlayed image is]:[overlayimage]/[baseimage folder]/[imageid]