Can you include and place icons on a details screen... that do something?

if you are posting as a emoji … it will overlay as a text… so it will give gray background to make text visible, stick to tiles with PNG if you wanna keep background native, or JPG if your own

check my App with inline choices… PNG tiles…


@Uzo very neat app. Great job👍

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if you can do me a favor to test drive this app? not finished yet… but like 80%

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Great app! Some thoughts

  • when I clicked on the Shopping Cart, there was no ‘back’ button so I was confused where to go next
  • select by cuisine type - nice UX that tick mark appears, but the selections of restaurants, etc do not

But I can tell it is work in progress - lovely app!

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is not showing this floating button?

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ah! now I see it! I did not notice it before :slight_smile:

and what selections do not appear ?

As a user I would expect to see the vendors listed from my selection. In this case, if I click on Fast Food and I see there is 1 Vendor - I would expect to see that vendor below. I hope that helps!

This is a filter, you will see those vendors list when you go back to list, in the future there will be many vendors and if i do that, filter will have many pages

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