Icons for Actions in Detail views?

Hi all, newbie to the forum and looking forward to becoming a fellow contributing poster.

I tried searching the forum but couldnt find an answer to this but are we able to choose an icon for actions in the detail views? For example, let’s say I wanted to make a list of restaurants in Chicago. And when a user clicks on a restaurant, then in that view you’d have the address, details, etc. I would like to have an icon that takes them to their website and maybe a Facebook icon that takes them to their Facebook page, etc.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

Hi :wave:

To keep it quick and simple…

Why not have some floating buttons.

Assign the button action to a url in your sheet/table.


Are you thinking something like this? You can replace the social icon with whatever icon you want, as well as the target website.

Or you could add the floating buttons above, or put a side by side button on their profile where Right is for Website and Left is for Facebook.


Thanks @Rosewebstudio and @Joe_Gabriele for the tips! Much appreciated! I’ll give those ideas a try over the weekend.

Thanks again

:+1: looking forward to seeing your app when it’s finished :wink:

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@Zonez_SF Try to take a look on the business directory template. Free to download from the template store.
Two different possibilities are given for showing links to e.g. website, facebook etc


Hi @Krivo , thanks for the link! Yes, I’ll check it out today. Much appreciated!

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