📚 E-book flow with Swipe style

There’s still a little bit of a problem, not your fault, but before the “decrement” takes place, let’s say I’m at item 2, it still shows item 3 if I want to go back for just a second before the action kicks in.

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yeah, I’m using set column for that. Not incremet action

Anyway, I see how glide works. It only recognizes it completely the action after the card is gone at all. So, I imagine this is why 3 appears first, after 1.

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Because glide also doesnt have an backward card animation when we swipe right overlapping yet, for instance

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Just a thought for a little smoother flow.


@Jeff_Hager forget what I said. I saw it’s better the way you said lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


:white_check_mark: Progress

  • When user is in the 1st page/screen and try to go back (right action), it goes back instead of decrement. Improving UX

  • Added more 3 usecases to show porftolio:

    • Tattoo Artist
    • Comic Book
    • Graphic Designers

Swipe it:


@hisashi.fujita also thought in your app playing around with this one

It’s a very interesting app.

It’s great to be able to turn pages with a swipe layout.
However, I wish there was another animation for the swipe.

★ ↓ For example, such a page turning effect.
I wish I could select the animation of the swipe layout.
how is it? david

★ It would be even better if you could move the page directly from the table of contents.


Now available to Copy for Free!

Do your own e-book with Glide!! :grin: :books:




Nice App. Thank you for sharing

Something strange behavior of the App (Swipe Layout) on Desktop!

Glide team is already aware of this. I suggest you install in your phone to test it :grin:


Sweet! Great work! :sunglasses: :ok_hand:

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Thank you, @ehdubya!

Enjoy it :wink:

how did you manage to set a swipe in inline list in details screen?

Swipe can only be in a top list of a tab according to my understanding

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@yinon_raviv I don’t know why, but that’s how it works :sweat_smile:
Those components are set the same for every screen. So when you add a compoenent, the important in this style is set what you wanna appear based in what page/screen you are.

I understand the method (did the exact same thing but for some reason it didn’t allow mt swipe view for link to screen over single relation but did allow it when choosing the sheet itself directly.

wierd behavior.

I am facing the same issue. It works only when I choose the sheet itself but once I choose a relation it doesn’t work.

How did you work it out?