Good afternoon. Probably the answer to my question is present somewhere on the forum, but I could not find it.

How does swipe work? By default, it moves to the next line, regardless of whether I used right or left. There were probably reasons to do this. But how to make it work according to logic - if to the right, then the next, if to the left, then the previous?

It seems to be somehow necessary to use incrementing? I have no ideas.

Initially, I wanted to use cards and left-right buttons, but I also could not figure out (for a lot of time) how this could be done.

Please help with these questions.

Hola @maro

Check the swipe actions. You could increment or decrement to make it go to the next or the previous row.


Hello. This post talks about setting a “last swipe” to make this work somehow. Yes, I am using that. But that doesn’t solve it to make the swipe to the left change to the previous cell. As before, both left and right works as moving to the next cell in the same way.

Take a look at this: https://stormy-celery-4985.glideapp.io/

It may give you an idea.


oh, i see its working for u, but cant add ur app cuz of sharing options

In a previous app of mine I used a sort of index to make it work as I wish.

The SWIPE date work in the way to follow the most recent date, but if you add a kind of Index, then the swipe will be forced to follow your instructions:

Practically what I did ( i try to remeber it, because unfortunately in this project some changes have been lost… :rage:) was to give instruction to what is the record to read from the next swipe.

Ive created a column SWIPEID with the name STEP1, 2,3,…
then for each step I wrote what comes next and what before (for instance the steps 2,3,4 have the same step backward, they go to 1).
so what later I did is to create a self RelationColumn where when you swipe right you pass the information “STEP”&“1” (I mean a template column that contain the word STEP plus the number of the next SWIPE to go), then the relation column is actually ignoring the SWIPE date and loading the record I need.
Probably I could make it easier without using the template, but anyway it’s working pretty well.

Hope is clear

I didn’t manage to do it, starting from the point ““ STEP ”&“ 1 ”” :frowning:
Why is it all so difficult? I do a bit of python programming and even put a dedicated server on linux recently. And this is all much simpler than all the settings on the glide :))

Take a look a this thread. It will give a starting point.


I’ve just made a showcase video where I explain how to do in a static way.
you can find it here

to answer your question, with Glide you have a bit to change your mentality, since it is a nocode environment, so you have to build up the code through the tables also or especially.
I think once you have get this, will be easy for you

Asta luego amigo!


ty! will try that

Thank u so much! It finally worked for me!
How do you think it is realistic with this method to add a checkbox True and False, the position of which will affect whether the line will be shown or skipped? I have a feeling that this will break all the logic :slight_smile:

If you mean that the user may skip, then better it is to introduce a skip button similarly to the top button I’ve introduced, but if you want skip it forever (all the swipes) then you should implement it at the map level, so in case the user put the skip check “do not show it anymore”, next time he will find this already validated and the map will not be shown. if you mean out of the control from the user than this will break the logic I’ve implemented, you should review it.

Probably with line you meant to skip a swipe page. Then in this case you have to put the Next and Previous page sequence into an IfThenElse column, where perhaps if the skip is on then the number Next swipe will be added by 1 in case of previous will be added by -1.

Swipe.       next    prev  ifnext    ifprev   skip
    1.        2.     0.       3.        -1.     On
.   2.       3.      1.       4.        0.      On
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