Go to previous on swipe list

i have seen the same topic answered but all suggested that you number each item and then using the increment function you could add 1 or subtract 1 to go to next or previous.
But i was wondering if its possible to use the already made save last swipe column, to determine which was the last item swiped and by using a button go to it (the last item swiped)
i tried to make a single value column where i showed the last date and time of the last swiped item but then i couldn’t connect that with the item that had that date and time in order to show it. Hope you understand

Do you think its possible?

What you are saying makes sense, but I think you would get stuck between two rows. For example, let’s say you have 10 rows and you swiped through the first 9, so you are viewing the 10th row. You then find a way to swipe from the 10th row to the 9th row. That would set the last swipe date on the 10th row, so that would become your last swipe, and as a result, your previous row. So, a previous swipe would take you back to the 10th row, settings the date on the 9th row as your previous swipe, and the cycle continues. It would be stuck going back and forth between the 9th and 10th row every time you swipe to the previously viewed row.

With all of that said, it still think it wouldn’t work, because I think most, if not all, of those increment solutions only display the first row only and filter out the rest, so you are only working with one row and only that one row would ever have a swipe date set. Instead the increment value is used to create a relation and lookups to pull the related data into the first row and you use the lookups to display the related row’s data.


yeah i understand what you say i will try to do it the usual way
thanks a lot!

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