Limit number of users

Is there anyway to limit the number of users profiles that can be setup in my app? I want to offer a free version that only allows X amount and then offer a paid version with a higher limit/unlimited amount.

Hi Brandon,

It seems like you’re not going to go the Whitelist way (which is a Pro feature), so here’s my 2 cents:

  • Public with Email won’t work since users can always log in and create a new profile
  • Password will need you to have control of the app so that when the number of users reach the limit you can stop sending password out, but it’s of course not ideal as well.
  • What you can do is using a Public option, have a button of creating profiles, then have a count of non-blank rows in the Profiles sheet, hide the Button when it reaches the desired amount. But again, this requires you to have control of the app, or else your client can always change the threshold.
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Hi Brandon, just an idea:

Maybe when your users sign in to your app for the first time, you could show them a tab where you ask them to submit information (for their user profile for instance). As they submit the information, with an increment action, you could have a counter go up. Let’s say you want to limit your app to N free users. If counter <= N, then show xyz tabs (your app). If counter > N, then show a tab with instructions or CTA to become a paid user.

Increment action
Tab visibility