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I am making an app for a consultancy firm. I am making a form where the students can select any one preferred country to study and then select UPTO 3 universities in that country. If I do a dropdown menu with multiple selections, how do I limit them to select just 3 universities out of 100s of universities?

how do you do a drop-down menu? If from inline list… you can limit it by adjusting options:

Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 1.18.36 PM

yes I am doing it from an inline list. Limiting number of items will reduce the items shown. I want a limited multiple selection option.

For example:
I have a list of 10 universities. I want users to select not more than 3 universities based on their preference. If I limit the number of items to “3” then only 3 items will be shown in the dropdown menu.

then you gonna have to create a custom action, and a counter of selected items… (when the user click the item, set USC column to 1, another condition will be … if is 1 then set to 0, or clear the value), in that action do if-else condition if the counter is 3 then show a notification that “you can select only 3”

Yes, that is my second option. I think I will have to add row in the custom action as well, then make relationship to the original form and then do a joined list and look up for showing those selections in that form.

Was just hoping if there was a native solution for this.

you don’t need to add a row… just a USC column to mark selection… no relations are needed at this point

I think you have used the Trebuchet method right?

You can use a custom form.

Then I assume you story the university choices in a field called “Universities”.

Use a split text column to split that into an array and use a plugin to count the array length. It should give you the number to do some conditional visibilities.

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For this case, I think the simplest option would be to use 3 separate choice components.


Yes, have done it this way according to 1st 2nd and 3rd preferences.

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If you go that route, make sure you filter the choices so that you won’t get duplicate choices (I assume it’s not what you want).

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Yes already filtered them out. Thanks for the suggestion anyways :slight_smile:

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