Limit access by email counts as private user?

Hi, i’m looking for tools to build room reservation app serving limited user and found glideapp

I just wonder if i use Private pro plan and Limit access by email function,
each email account and signing users will be counted as “private user”(which is, charged)

for example, if i have 3 admin user (who manages resources such as room, reservation hour) and
100 account of email list for Limit access email (and i don’t know how many users will sign-in but sure exceed 20)
then how much does glideapp charge?

With the Private Pro plan, Glide charges a base $40. That base price includes 20 unique users that access the app in a given month. If the number of unique users that access the app in a given month exceeds 20 users, then you will be charged per additional user after the first 20 users.

Again, this is a count of users that actually use the app. Not the total amount of users that you have granted access to use the app.

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Thanks for explanation.

Just to clarify my understanding,
if my private pro app have 3 admin user and 30 user(from access limit list have 100 emails) sign-in, then active user calculated to 33, And monthly charge will be calculated as 40 + 2 *(33-20),
Am i correct?

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Yes, that is correct.

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So… If I want to limit access by password, am I charged by how many times the password is used or email address?

I’m not entirely sure how private pro pricing works with the password option. I know it allows unlimited devices to access the app at the same time (unlike the free plan which only allows one device at a time with the password option), but I’m not sure if it’s priced per the number of users or if it’s a flat price. You may want to confirm that with glide support to be sure.

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