Private Plan

Does this plan count by the users in Gsheets ? I mean is there anywhere else I need to add users in this plan or are they automatically added to the plan when added to GSheets only ?

Hello! You can read more about how private users are counted on our Pricing page FAQ:

How are private app users counted?

We count the active users for your private app, based on the unique email address they sign in with.

We do not count the number of emails in your allow list—you are charged for actual users, not potential users.

We do not count the number of devices used. If the same user uses the app on desktop, tablet, and a phone, this is still one user.

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Hi @david,

I’ve been helping @gregpownall develop an app and can shed some light on his question:

After upgrading to a Pro (Private User) plan, it appeared that no one could log into the app. However, we later realized the privacy level was set to “Only I can sign in”. After changing the privacy level to “Limit access by email”, and creating a new tab in the Google Sheet called “Entitled Users”, users were able to access the app as expected.

This is what Greg meant when he asked if users from the Users sheet were automatically entitled to access the app under the Private plan. Hopefully that makes sense!