Like Component Not Working

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I have a like component on a list. I’ve mapped the data to a column in my sheet, but the like component does not seem to be setting a value. Is there any other consideration needed to make this work?

We’ll fix this soon. Thank you for reporting!

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@Charles_Reed Just pay attention to the disclaimer in the documentation. Once it’s fixed, it still may not be giving you the the results you are expecting.

Thanks Jeff. The app-level like functionality described in the documentation today is fine with me.

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@Jeff_Hager - I maybe read the doc incorrectly. The like functionality today is not incrementing likes across the app. Meaning if more than one person likes the same item, we do not see a total like count. It seems the functionality is binary, or at least 1 or -1 only. Is that your understanding?

That is exactly my understanding. Currently if I were to like something, it would fill the value with 1. If you came in, you would see it marked as Liked. If you changed it to unliked, it would fill the value with -1. When I later come in, I see a dislike in the value that I had marked as like.

In my opinion, the Like isn’t very useful until Glide adds additional functionality. Right now it’s only useful if only one user can see an item.

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Thanks for the confirmation. I am going to remove it from my app as I don’t see the value at this point either.

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@Mark : any news regarding the like/dislike feature for multiple users, please ?

Probably within two weeks, but no promises.