Legacy subscription question

Quick question regarding pricing please.

I had an App with a legacy Business Pro plan for 225 USD per month with unlimited users. I ended the plan by moving it into a new Teams Plan for 99 USD per month. Glide confirmed the Pro plan will be valid until Feb 28th. Importantly, the Pro plan allowed unlimited users - in fact there were just 30.

However, now the user count for the App appears to be counting towards the active users in the new Team’s plan for this month even though my old Pro plan was still valid.

How can we ensure that this month the 30 users are not counted as part of the ‘active users’ in the new Team’s plan? Should I move it back into the Pro plan? Is that even possible? Will the Team’s plan overlook the 30 users for that App that were briefly in the Team’s plan once it is back in the Pro plan?


That might be a question for the support team. Have you created a support ticket?

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