Public users from 5000 to 500?

I have the legacy Pro plan, which they said wouldn’t change for some time. Then, unexpectedly, they changed their mind, and my public users went from 5000 to 500!

Seriously, what is going on here? Do you enjoy alienating your users? If you want to push us away, please just say so. I’m sick of these changes happening without any prior notice. Glide went from being the best SaaS I use to the worst within 1 month!


mmm no, that’s not true.
The user quotas have changed a number of times over the past few years. But every time they have changed the changes are usually only applied to new plan purchases. That is, those with pre-existing plans would keep their existing quotas. I suspect this is a bug, rather than a deliberate action by Glide.

cc @NoCodeAndy

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Yeah this has actually happened to my plan as well. I had 5,000 public users which has also now changed to 500. Not misremembering either

Alright, I stand corrected, deleting my previous post

I believe the same has happened to my account.

Correct. Looks like a potential issue with legacy plans not carrying their usage adjustments over to the new system.

I’ve tagged this thread for investigation and alerted the team.

Update: Known issue, working on a fix.


Hi, Musab! You have an earlier version of the Legacy Pro plan. During auto-migration, you were migrated to the more recent version of the Legacy Pro plan. Please send me your team ID, so I can make the change.

I sent DM to you, thanks

fyi @Connor_Finlayson, @Eitan.



thank you :pray:
Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 8.37.34 AM

I’ve got the same problem too.

Please DM your team ID. It is the 20-character string appended to your URL when you open your team dashboard

Hello there!
I’m experiencing the exact same issue on the same plan.
This thread is marked as resolved, but I was wondering if this would be updated for my account automatically? or should I also send a DM with my Team ID to have this looked at?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Please send a DM to @DJP :+1:

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