Do I really have 1,000,000 users?

I have a Legacy Business plan… Do I really have 1,000,000 users or it’s a bug?

I would think that it’s a bug but @NoCodeAndy might want to check it.

Well, there’s no need to check anything… I just cancelled my plan anyways.

It makes me sad that Glide didn’t keep up with the good service from 2019. Since you sold your souls to VC’s money you started caring only about growing and parted ways with the customer centric approach.

You have been struggling with your business model since you took the first check from VCs and on every pricing scheme change you leave the customers farther behind.

I filed a bug report more than a month ago (from a Business account which is supposed to get “real” support) and all I get via email are canned responses stating that you don’t have a solution and you can’t even tell me an estimated time.

I’ve been here since the beginning and have talked to David several times via Zoom, participating in the forums, giving feedback, putting my grain of sand but now I’m tired and feel you don’t deserve our money (even the infinitesimal amount that I was paying monthly compared to the “real” customers you pay attention to).

You just joined the list of companies that were so much better when they were small. And from what I’ve been seeing these last 2 years in this forum, you’re not even going to care about this message.

We’ve temporarily increased limits on Legacy plans to keep users with custom, pre-existing usage quotas from hitting any inaccurate overage limits. It’s part of our migration to the new billing system. Actual limits will be reinstated when the migration work is complete.

You’ll find more details on the legacy plans and their limits here.

Glide in 2024 is in a very different place than Glide in 2019.

We’re supporting a significantly greater number of users and apps than five years ago. Most of it happens through private support channels like email and chat.

That said, David and the rest of the team are still paying attention to the community forum and following what’s being discussed here.

Can we do better? Absolutely. We’re working on it, just like we’re working on every other aspect of Glide.

I’m sorry you feel that way. Hopefully you’ll give us another shot in the future. :pray: