Learning from Task Tracker template - how do I add a new column to inline list of project detail?


I’m continuing my adventures with the Task Tracker temlate. I got clarification from another question (Learning from Task Tracker template - is there a way to order tasks?) on how to change the order of the tasks.

In the tasks table I added a column (number type) named Order Task. Then I added numbers for “Tisa’s birthday” project. I re-ordered the inline list of projects tasks based on “Task Order” and that works great.

In the screenshots I’ve attached you can see the following (I’ve numbered the screenshots):

  1. Screenshot 1: tasks table with the “Task Order” column
  2. Screenshot 2: computed column Tasks in Projects table that has “Task Order” table
  3. Screenshot 3: the “Tisa’s birthday” project with tasks (i.e. the detail when one presses a specific project starting from the “All projects” tab)

My question:

Why is it the Inline List in screenshot 3 not have the “Task Order” value. The content pane has everything but that column. I tried to add it to the via content pane but didn’t see quite how to do it. I looked at the inline list docs and nothing jumped out at me.


Thanks for your help.

PS: Because I’m a new user - this forum does not allow me to put the 3 images - only one so I had to combine them

The content pane contains the each available element of each list item that can be filled with something. A checklist style list is very basic. At most, you can display a Title, Description, and an Image if you have one. The checked value is the column that holds the value if you mark the checkbox or not. You can’t add additional elements if there isn’t already a placeholder for it.

How would you like to show the Task number? You could do something like create a Template column that joins the Task Order to the Name. Then display that template column instead of the Name column in your list.


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