Learning from Task Tracker template - is there a way to order tasks?


I’m new to Glide. I’m using latest version of Firefox on Catalina as an fyi in terms of the Glide editor.

I copied to Task Tracker template to look at how it functions. I was wondering about the Tasks table:

  1. I was trying to insert a new task at the top of the table and for the life of me I couldn’t figure that out. What am I missing? (I was able to copy/past data with cmd-c and cmd-v without issue)

  2. The above question has to do with trying to figure out how tasks are ordered. I couldn’t see anything in Layout part of editor that suggested an order besides the row order in the Tasks table…is that correct?

  3. To specify an order to all tasks in a project, I was thinking of adding an “Order” column to the Tasks table which would have an integer. However, I don’t see how I would put the logic in the Categories → Project screen so that the tasks are listed in order. In the “Inline List” part of component no Action jumped out that would allow me to do this. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help.


New rows are added to the end of the table. There is no need to control the order of the rows in the table. How do you want your list sorted? You can control sorting when you click on the inline list component on the left hand panel in the builder then view the options tab on the right hand panel. In there is where you can set your sorting for your list.

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HI, I’m not sure if this is what you want to achieve, but you can change the order of an inline list in the following component.

You can use sort data choose the column you want to display and the order


Thank you so much @Jeff_Hager and @DillanMartinez - I really appreciate it.

@DillanMartinez - the screenshot was perfect…I completely missed the in-line list option related to sorting.


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