Learning from Task Tracker template - approach to have only 1 task in project detail then advancing to next task


More adventures with the Task Tracker template.

When you go to “All Projects” and you pick a project, the detail gives you an inline list component that uses the tasks computed column from the projects table (I think…not fully sure).

I’d like this screen to only show 1 task (based on whatever order). When I check off that task, then the next task is loaded. Per the screenshot attached to this question - task 1 would be the only one shown, then when I check that off, then task 2 would show (only that), then when I check that off, then task 3 would show.

I looked at a paging navigation tutorial (Paging and navigation using increment action) but it wasn’t quite what I was trying to do.

Is there a way of doing this? (I looked at adding components but nothing jumped out at me and I’m not clear how put the control flow logic for this)

Thanks for your help.


Set your list to only show one item. Setting should be at the bottom of the right hand panel when looking at the list configuration. Then click on the Options tab and set a filter on your list to only display items that are unchecked.


Thanks @Jeff_Hager - I’ll give it a try.

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