Change "No upcoming events" when Calendar inline list has no values

I am using the calendar item to displays task, which are not what most people consider events (even though they are).

In any case, is their a way to modify the default “No upcoming events” to “No active tasks” or some other “Title”.


If you can get a count (rollup) of tasks that would normally show in the list, then you could set the visibility to only show the calendar list if the count is greater than zero, or show some text if the count is zero.


@MattLB - are you displaying this as an Inline List on a Details screen? If you are, then you should be able to do as Jeff suggests. But if you’re using a List Layout screen, then you’d be a bit stuck. Your only option if you wanted to suppress the message (or display something different) would be to switch to a Details layout + Inline List.

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It is a ‘show new screen’ with tasks and style is details.

I am showing tasks via a choice (To Do, Doing, Done or ALL). I have visibility set for each list based on choice.

If I select “To Do” all is good:

If I select “Doing” and I have not started any tasks (defined via filters) I get

So to avoid “No upcoming events” I need to add another visibility criteria to hide this IL if it ‘would’ be empty (e.g. no in-progress tasks).

And there is no way to tailor the default message - “No upcoming events” to something else?


Instead of multiple inline lists, I would create a relation that uses the selected choice value and relates to the items that match that choice. Then create a single inline list that’s sourced from the relation. That can replace the filter and multiple lists. Then you can also create a visibility condition based on if the relation is empty or not to show either the list or show some text instead.

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In the past, I had issues with this setup. Some inline lists do not show as expected, as if the user-specific column value does not trigger a “recalculation” on the screen.

I have not used that setup in a while, but people complained about that bug before.


Yeah, good point. I remember that. I haven’t tried it in a while either.


Yeah, same. I’ve been steering away from this as well. What I generally use instead is Single Value + if-then-else, then use the if-then-else as a filter on the Inline List.


Just realised that we didn’t actually answer this question. The answer is no :slightly_smiling_face:


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