Need help to populate a list into a table

l have a field that have Project Plan — for example Electrical Plan, Mechanical Plan, Plumbing Plan, Structural Plan(Check the first image).
l want it to populate on a collection(on a table).
(Check the second image)
How can l do that??

You’ll need to create a helper table with the maximum number of rows that could be displayed.

Add a numbered index column to the helper table

Split the projects with a split text column

Copy the split text projects with a single value column into the helper table

Add another single value column, target the copy split text, it should be from start and the row is your index column

Thank you very much…
In this scenario, if project plan were added and submitted…can we create a series of rows on another table with each value selected??

Do you have an example of what should happen? I think this is what you want.

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Here’s an example of what l want:
whenever l fill a form(say a Quote), it saved in the Project-Created table. l need the Project Plan(list of values to display in a series of consecutive rows in another table(like Project - Tasks) like foundation Plan in a separate row the next value “Section Plan”


l tried to edit the submit action and set the values “Project Plan” in the Project - Tasks.

lt didn’t work as expected.

l will check out the video tutorial you attached.

l have tried to follow up the video tutorial, unfortunately it didn’t work out as expected … l’m surprised Single Value Column doesn’t work on(text) precisely list of text.
@Robert_Petitto @ThinhDinh @Darren_Murphy @Jeff_Hager.
Please help me out with this request.

I don’t have anything to add. @Eric_Penn 's suggestion and Robert’s video should be the way to do it. If you can show us in more screenshots or a video on how you’re setting it up, we might have more context to help.

I made a video here showing and explain how things were set up

The error with your single value column is because you are not directly taking it from the array column, but instead from the sheet again. Additionally, the array/row index always starts from 0 for the first row.

I am still confused about how you work. Perhaps below there is a video reference that I think is interesting for starting a new task that you can learn. Please take a look.