Opposite action of "single value"

i want to know how to do the opposite action of single value in a table.
Single value choose a number (first, second…) of a column and copy it on every line of the single value column.
Is it possible to do to opposite action. From first line of some columns you created to a new column where every line is a different column you chose.

Thanks for your help

See below:

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i didn’t succeed to do it.
is it possible for you to shar me an app to show me how you proceed and get datas from several columns organized in lines of the same column ?

Give me two screen shots:

  • what your data looks like now
  • what you want the end result to look like

And then I’ll guide you how to get there.

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thanks for your help
As i show you in screenshot
i want datas frome several columns to go in each line of the same column. The opposite action of single value.

Yes. But i didnt succed with numbers.
I ll try another Time.
I hoped you could show me in an app you share.
Thanks for helping.

Use a Make Array column to create an array of all the values, then follow the steps in Bobs video.

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Ok thanks !