🇨🇵 Le Sheet c'est chic

Hello fellow French speakers,

I stumbled upon the following page. Notice the play on words with an unintended meaning.

We don’t decide what goes on Glide’s website, but maybe the team would welcome our feedback.

Your thoughts on “Le Sheet c’est chic” ?

Can you tell me what does it mean in French?

Outside of the context of Glide, it might literally translate to “haschish is elegant/cool”. Not verbatim, but it’s close enough :slightly_smiling_face::palm_tree:

(Haschish being the resine of cannabis.)


hahahah that’s what I thought of when I saw it :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Salut le communauté française, je me permets cette relance.

Que pensez-vous de “Le Sheet c’est chic” ? Un peu limite, non ?

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c’est d’inspiration Glidesque ?

nb : peut être mettre “la” plutôt que “le” ?

“Oh sheet!” me paraît sympa, le contexte du message reste l’anglais.

En revanche ici je lis que le shit c’est chic :sweat_smile: Certes le lecteur sera certainement anglophone …

:joy:Je ne pense pas quand je ris !
It’s “gliderious” but not glamorous. At all.
Très Disco 70’s indeed.
There are countless of translations issues I had to deal with myself in the past, by creating as many fun stories to tell the truth to customers-students while preserving all parties, even the “company-editor-itself”. It was as if the translators have always had an English level lower than mine, and an even worse French Level, technically wrong, not smart nor user-friendly, nothing. They were not even human nor “technically certified with the software”, I assume.
You have to be both good in languages and accurate technically. There’s always one part of these skills missing, which then gives a poor image of the product.
It’s actually UX writing now + wordsmith translation skills that should be standard.
A very memorable example:
In the agenda, user preferences, you had an option to set an alarm for your scheduled meetings.
They translated: “Alarm will go off X minutes before HH:MM” by
“L’alarme s’arrêtera X minutes avant…”
which means the Alarm will STOP X minutes before.
If you analyze the pb, you guess that the translator was not able to detect this English sublety with the “off”, and only translated the “go”, as “to go, to leave”.
Yes, very useful indeed an alarm that “goes” before the event occurs :grin: Why even set an alarm in the first place?
The issue and private joke lasted more than 6 months.
Voilà :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I agree, le Sheet c’est chic is somehow embarrassing :flushed: to be honest.

If you want to keep the “chic” (which is a good idea btw) you should consider to say “The spreadsheet is chic, or La spreadsheet, c’est chic”).

That’ll remove any ambiguity.

What do you think ?

I remember when I was young, we used to laugh in my classroom whenever we had to discover all the different meanings of that unique prononciation of sheet. :wink:

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Imagine that one day, people say “Don’t Google Sheet me! There’s no way I can manage this!” :grin::chart_with_upwards_trend:

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A ce niveau-là “Le classeur, c’est classe” serait + correct, sauf que cela n’aurait aucun intérêt :grin: “pitch-able”. “Le classeur” being the worksheet, if I’m not wrong, I’m not a spreadsheet-regular. And “classe” meaning “smart/elegant”.

Ho, je n’avais pas fait le lien entre le “sheet” de google et le “sheet” qu’on utilise en France, voir avec celui qu’on pourrait traduire ^^
J’ai la tête dans glide, entre le traducteur et mes essais d’application, je n’avais même pas réalisé le jeu de mot!
Merci pour cette remarque :slight_smile: ça m’a bien fait rire!

J’ai posté à côté je pensais que le public de l’application était francophone… j’efface…

@tristan WDYT?

I forgot that Tristan was French-speaking.