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I hate putting this as a feature but…here goes.

When deleting a column you get this generic pop-up. Can Glide ADD the name of the column that is being deleted as a courtesy (and maybe the number of times it is still ‘in-use’) to this confirmation.

This is especially helpful when you are cleaning up and deleting multiple columns. The Glide editor has a tendency to ‘shift’ below the mouse and selecting the wrong column has occurred.

It is a little thing but it would make deleting more reassuring (especially to new users) if they knew exactly what they are deleting before hitting the “can’t undo this” button.


Yeah, it’s very easy to get bitten by that one if you’re not careful.

Once Bitten Twice Shy as Ian Hunter taught us…glad I may not be the only this has happened to.

Haha yes that would be a nice and easy add! I haven’t gotten bit by this yet on anything important… but I have many times right after clicking delete, hit close on this warning to double check myself!

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Check it out! Thanks for suggesting this. Looks like this feature request has been added :smiley:


Thanks for the update ‘other Matt’ :slightly_smiling_face: … my next mini-request is to allow actions with Hints. I love hints as a way to display information in a ‘tight’ format. Unfortunately they are not actionable so I am resorting to using RTF component and using a template to recreate the ‘hint’ UI.

Hints have actions already! This is what you’re saying you want, right?

Not in classic mode - Guess I will wait on this until I move over to ‘new Glide’

This is cool. When I need an actionable ‘hint’ in Classic I craft a one-row table (I have templates of them) and build my own ‘hint’ with a rich text component.

Whats the point of the one row table for making the RTF ‘hints’?

Not a glide table…an html table. I have well over a dozen scorecards/scoreboards which are Tables (typically based on rollups) (thank you @Darren_Murphy) to ‘tightly’ present high level data which then can be drilled down into. These are displayed are Rich Text. Great for leadership snapshots of the business. My Hints are a simplified variant of these tables.

I select the background based on the ‘type’ of the hint. Here is a generic ‘Hint’-clone. Not as subtle/well-defined as a Glide-hint but actionable without a button and I can add a header and have customizable ‘fonts’ / ‘background’ (larger/smaller/bold/italic/colors).

I use this currently in 4 spots where I had Glide hints but wanted them actionable (customer can dive into more details about the HINT info)



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