There should be alert on row deletion in Glide table

  • It will be appreciated if alert message displayed as pop up on screen whenever user try to delete a row (in case of multiple also) in Glide table.
  • There should be some mechanism for restoring the deleted rows if required. :+1:

I disagree with the delete row alert—but COMPLETELY agree to Undo/Redo in the Data Editor.


Thanks for your opinion.

you can use custom action for deleting rows… when the user clicks delete row, show the next button to confirm… and then show notification
for Glide Table editor… it would be annoying to have that option… but like Robert said… undo will be great!

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He’s referring to deleting rows in the data editor.

I agree with Bob. A delete confirmation would just be annoying. And I don’t think it’s necessary as it takes a deliberate action to delete a row in the builder. ie. Select it, then delete (many people don’t even realise it’s possible).

But undo would be nice :+1: