Allow user to undo an item edit/delete

I love that Glide allows users (in my case, customers) to directly edit or delete data. But it would be helpful if the notification pop-up (see green box at bottom:)

after a user edited or deleted something had a clickable “undo” link so that a user would have a few seconds to undo their edit/delete. Like in Gmail how after you send an email you can easily undo:

I would like this feature too.
Both the undo functionality, but maybe also the option to activate a modal that asks the user to confirm deletion.

I also believe, as a developer, it would be wonderful to be able to restore deleted rows – Say, if I or a user by accident deletes one or more rows by mistake.

This is possible if you use a custom form.
Actually you don’t even need a custom form. Just have a Delete button with an action that opens the confirmation modal, and then only delete the row once the user confirms.

For this case, one option you have is to use a “soft delete”. So instead of deleting the row, you mark it as deleted using (for example) a boolean column, and then use that column as a filter. From a user perspective the row would be gone, but in reality it’s just hidden.

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