Row Deletion Warning for Users

It’s strange that I didn’t find this by searching.
If I allow users to delete a row, how do I warn them that there is no way to undo this action?
I want to give them (and myself) one last chance. )

You’re best to use a custom button if you’d like to give users a warning, as opposed to simply turning on the ability to delete (which adds the “Delete item” button at the bottom of the screen).

What you can do is:

  • Create a button that sets a user-specific column to something (say it’s “1”). Label the button as Delete
  • Set the visibility of the button to hide itself when the user-specific column is 1
  • Create a button bar where one button is something like “Really delete” (to confirm the deletion) and the other button is “Cancel”
  • Set the visibility of the button bar to only be visible when the user-specific column is 1.
  • Create an action for the “Really delete” button that deletes the row
  • Create an action for the “Cancel” button that clears the value of the user-specific column.

Just to add to @kyleheney great response… one alternative to deleting a row is to filter them out. You could add an additional column as a flag, let’s say “isDeleted”.

Then in your app filter out the rows that are marked “isDeleted”. This would allow you to restore the row by simply removing the flag if needed.


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