Delete mistake

I have deleted some important columns, pressing… delete…instead of…edit

Undo is not working. Would love a … please confirm…yes/no… before deleting.



Mmhmm, that would be nice. Same thing for rows. You won’t believe the amount of times I selected the wrong row to delete…

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+1 for this. I have been in this situation some times, and it seems the default behaviour now is to straightly delete a column and do not consider other columns that are dependent on it, like what we had before.

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Happened to me too, luckily google sheets has a history/backup section


I just deleted a template column.
A super-duper really REALLY important template column.

I pressed the undo button. Nothing happened.

There was no confirmation, no nothing. Just a deadly, hazardous button right below the edit button.

A hazardous button belonging to a column that no longer exists.

Here’s a poem.
I deleted something, I cry.
I press the undo button, I sigh.
Nothing works. I ask myself 'why?
Give me confirmation, or don’t give me Glide!