Last task in custom actions stops working randomly

In a lot of my custom actions that have 2-3 tasks within them, the last task stops working sometimes. When I change the order of the tasks, it again starts working fine.

My app has a lot of actions…I don’t even know which ones have stopped working until I manually test them. Why does the last task stops happening like this?

I found this bug 3-4 days ago.

I checked and found that the action to send email by glide has a problem.

Any action before that worked normally, but when it came to the action to send an email It doesn’t work and The next action doesn’t work. and without any notification (Email action can send email normally. My recipient received the email)

I don’t know what the cause is. There may be other actions that have this problem. But I only found this for my app, so I deleted the email sending action for now.

Does this happen with different action types?

Is it always the last action?

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Yes, I just saw that too. Its the email ones

This is the last action always.
Usually, its the one after email is sent.

Alright, sounds like this is related to the bug we’re investigating. The recommended workaround right now is to move your Send Email action to the final step in the sequence.

We believe we released a fix for this yesterday. Could please someone confirm that everything is working fine now? Sorry for the disruption! :pray:


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