Lag issue with my filters

Hello Glide communty!

I’m having an issue,every time a user opens the app from 0, the filters are taking a bit that allows the user see or even get into a function he shouln’t have access anymore.

I already tried to change the tabs for bottons or create another paths but it is the same.

If you have any suggestions I will be really greatful!



What type of filter are you using for the tab?

Morning !

In the calendar in line list for example, I have the filter of:

Date and time is on after today; Not lag in there.
If–then–else that show whent the group is not full; Not lag in there
Relation Column that shows the data when the match is empty; Lag

In the virtual classroom:

Date and time is on after today; Not lag in there.
User e-mail matchs e-mail on the form: No lag in there
A normal condition if column Confirm Cancelation doesn’t equals 1; Lag

I guess there is no way right? :sweat_smile:

In other thing I dont know if you have any knowledge if the Audio component has a bug.

In my console works pretty fine but on my cellphone isn’t working at all.

Thanks again for all your help!

How many rows do you currently have for this app? May we have a link to test?

Regarding the audio component, what device did you test it on? What OS are you using for that device?

I’m not sure if this would work but maybe you could use that relation as a visibility condition in your top layer view and possibly it would load before you get to your details view/ inline list.

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117 rows and yes ! I just need an e-mail account becouse everything is blocked until the admin enroll the student on the app thats how the client asked me for.

And I would need to create the classes in order to you to book and cancel different sessions.

The lag only happens the first time you open the app and you already booked a class the next days.

I tested it on a Samnsung cellphone, Android 11.

Hi Eric !! :smiley:

Thanks for your advice but for this section I do need to have those as filters, in the visibility conditions I have other 2 and yes, I don’t have a single problem with visibility condition :sunglasses:.