Apple vs Android Visibility Filter Problem

Describe the bug:
Our app works perfect on an android device. When loaded on an apple device the buttons that have visibility rules do not work. It was working fine on IOS and started doing it this afternoon and is driving me crazy.

Expected Behavior:
We have visibility filters setup on different buttons and hint boxes. If you are an “active” subscribed user some of the buttons should be hidden. This allows us to give the user a different experience if they are a subscribed user. It works great on an android device. Tried the same app on an iphone and a different iPad and the filtering is not working. They show on the app when they should be hidden and and locks the user out of buttons because it does not recognize them as an “active” user.

It also works great in the data editor. No problems. Once you test on an iphone, that’s when it does not work. Again, it works fine on a android device and in the data editor.

How to replicate:
Try on an iOS device

Not sure how to demonstrate the issues, does not work on iOS devices.

Upon further investigation it look like iOS in not recognizing the lookups columns and Android does. Which is why the filtering is not working.

Can you explain a little more about your lookup? Are dates involved at any point in the process?


Yes, we are are using the date paid stamp and adding 30 days to it in a math column. Then created an If Then column. If the days are less than or equal to 30 then active, else not active. We have a relationship in the users table that matches the user email to the subscription email. This allows us to Look Up if the user is active or not active.

Do you use the Format Date plugin at any point, or any of the other date related plugins?

Yes, we are using the count days formula to count duration from the date paid to give us the number of days that have passed from todays date.

Do you mean the Date Difference plugin column?

Can you provide a screen shot of the configuration of that column?

The reason I’m asking is because some of the Date Plugins are known to not always work well with Safari on IOS.

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Oh wow, that might be the issue. We could try a different method and just do an if then formula on the TimeStampPaid.

Yes, if all you need is the number of days, just use a normal Math column.

Trunc(Now-Date) will do the job.

Please let us know if that resolves the issue for you.


Darren!!! You nailed it! Thank you so much for the help. The data difference formula was the problem.
We are back up and running!


More on this: Safari in particular, doesn’t like Glide’s date formatting under the hood. It likely returned an invalid date error when you try to compute that column through Safari’s “eyes”, but it appeared as null on the front end.

Best practice is try to test these things in the builder, in Safari, or limit the use of them.

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