Known audioproblem?

Hi all,
Does anyone recognize this problem and is there a solution?
An app with audio starts acting strange after listening to 4 or more audiofiles. Then it gives an error mention.

This is the app

I’m afraid it is a serious problem. An app that was ok so far gives errors now too.

Have you tried other devices, or different internet connections? I couldn’t duplicate any issues.

Yeah different devices by different people and even different apps. Plus audio on Dropbox and audio on Google Drive. ‘error’ everywhere. Even unchanged audio that worked the last weeks.

Not that it helps you at all, but I have played a few times, stopped, paused, restarted it etc - no errors… :thinking:

Those are the worst bugs aren’t they :wink: That are not always there :wink: The pattern was this: the problem started after say listening to 5 or 6 different files. I am not technical but was thinking: maybe a browser memory issue? But I have made podcast apps without this problem. So haven’t got a clue in the end. Changed all files from Google Drive to Dropbox, same issue unfortunately. And it was tested by 5 people with different devices on different locations. It’s not my app, but I help the girl working for a museum that has groups of children working with the app today. It is a really nice and simple app: the best price winning photographers tell the stories of their photos in audio. Well, I’ve tried what I can I’m afraid. But going to bed at 2.30 without a solution was frustrating. Let’s hope the problem disappeared after a night’s sleep :wink:

Just saying/checking

That’s what @George-Glide send me too. But believe me, I have been building these apps with the advice of Glide. Do you know why I have Dropbox links ending with raw=1 in my apps ? Because Glide taught me to do so in the help docs. And they worked without problems untill now.

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And you say they still work on your end :wink:

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Yeah, I played it about 15 times no issues (I’m in uk, on a iPhone connected to home Wi-Fi) appreciate that is not a comprehensive test but does show it kinda works

Frustrating for you I know :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Of course I understand things can go wrong, no problem. That’s part of it all.
Sorry, for my tone, I only get a little irritated when the reaction is ‘it should not have worked in the first place’ when all I do is what Glide taught me :wink:
But that’s not your fault!
In the future I will have to look for other audio solutions.

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